About Us

What began as a young teen’s hobby for videography has evolved into a growing business that that literally brings personal celebrations to life with every viewing.

Colorado born Yosef Shidler has had a video camera in his hand for more than half his life, first using home movie camcorders and then moving up to high caliber professional equipment.

“It is always a thrill to be able to capture a moment in time,” explained Shidler, today a resident of Crown Heights and owner of CJ Studios.  “It gives people who were at the event an opportunity to relive the experience and those weren’t in attendance the ability to feel as if they were there.”

After toying with video filming for many years, Shidler made the decision to turn his work into a profitable career.  Using the pseudonym coined on his well known Jewish website, TheCoolJew.com, Shidler created CJ Studios and many of his devoted readers soon became satisfied customers.

Today CJ Studios is a full-fledged photo and video studio in Brooklyn, where Shidler works with high end photographers and cinematographers to create superior quality work at extremely competitive prices.


“Our photographers all use three point lighting to enhance our subjects and edit our high resolution photos using the latest photo enhancement software to make the most out of each image, cropping photos as needed, adding visual effects and often creating several new photographs from different portions of the same picture,” said Shidler.

Both Shidler and his talented team of professional photographers and videographers, appreciate the immense responsibility that comes along with photographing their subjects.unnamed

“It bothers me that there are people who treat this as nothing more than a job,” said Shidler. “I am not here to work nine to five. I am here to capture a simcha so that my clients can relive those magical moments for years to come.  My team and I are like minded and we work well together.  At many simchos, we don’t leave the hall until they are about to turn off the lights while so many photographers leave after the second dance. Most importantly, our crew is genuinely warm and open and are some of the nicest guys I have ever met in this field.  It is a joy to work them.”

Always on the lookout for those real life moments that capture the essence of any event, Shidler understands that it isn’t always posed portraits that become treasured keepsakes.

“We look to capture the moments that the subjects create themselves so that their attitude and energy is evident in every picture,” explained Shidler.  “There isn’t a moment missed, from the kidsplaying and getting chocolate on their faces, to capturing the reactions of the mothers when they see their kids dancing. Every image tells a story and it is our job to capture that aswell as the accompanying emotion. There are moments in life where there are no do-overs and it is our responsibility to get everything right the first time around, because when it comes to a simcha, there are no second chances.”

For Shidler, shooting an event becomes a personal experience.

” Every affair I attend becomes my simcha too and I will do whatever it takes to work with both our clients and staff  to transform your simcha into a one of a kind masterpiece that will be treasured by family members forever,” declared Shidler.

More than just reprising the simcha from start to finish, Shidler creates videos that are extremely cinematic, taking the highlights of every event and piecing them together, condensing the most important moments into an actual movie that you will  want to watch again and again.

 “While cinematography will yield a slightly shorter product, spotlighting the moments of your simcha that matter most, it eliminates overly long footage that can become tedious to watch over time,” explained Shidler.  “Gone are endless minutes watching people dance in circles and  shots of friends and relatives conversing before the chupah.  Instead, we capture the moments you want to remember most and artfully blend them into seamless footage that will literally bring your simcha to life.”

 Candid and often entertaining interviews with the baalei simcha are another unique feature offered by CJ Studios, as the stars of the day share their thoughts and feelings about this milestone event in their lives.

 Shidler includes a second cinematographer in his very affordable pricing package, something he considers to be a necessity, not a luxury.

 “With one video crew you are faced with a difficult dilemma,” explained Shidler. “Which one is more important? The chosson dancing with his father? Or the kallah dancing with her mother? How can you possibly capture both of those moments with only one cinematographer?”

 At CJ Studios, our entire team realizes that we are being entrusted with the most important moments in our clients’ lives.  It’s not about doing a job.  It’s not about taking pictures or shooting video.  It is about making your simcha live on forever, a responsibility that we take very, very seriously.