Living Legacy Project




Two years ago, my own grandmother agreed to let me film her and she shared dozens of stories about her parents, grandparents and her entire family. When she passed away recently, we played that recording repeatedly all through the shiva. Not only was it a tremendous source of comfort to us, but it gave us the ability to stay connected both to her and to the generations that came before her.

Our elder family members are treasure troves of history, their accumulated life experiences holding a wealth of knowledge that define who we are. While many of us are well acquainted with much of the family lore, there are still endless stories and fascinating details that have yet to be shared and it is crucial to take advantage of a golden opportunity to preserve these memories so that they are not lost with the passage of time.

CJ Studios will record and archive your priceless family history, preserving it for decades to come. Interviews will be done by family members to ensure a high level of comfort and will be conducted professionally. In a certain sense, creating this living legacy is almost like life insurance, allowing us to capture our loved ones, their essence and their memories as they are right now. These moments and experiences are priceless – don’t we want to preserve them forever?


All work done by CJ Studios is of premium quality, professionally filmed with high end cameras, full lighting and proper audio with filming to be done by appointment only either at a private home or another chosen location. Subjects are filmed telling either their life stories or describing a pivotal point in their lives.


  • Filming one family member or multiple family members.
  • Clients can receive either: Raw footage on USB or DVD
  • Footage with minor editing and basic titles added in
  • Footage edited for smoothness and to ensure a seamless story line
  • Footage plus advanced editing, including photo and relics in the background as B-roll


Costs & Bookings:

  • Sessions Prices are as follows:
  • First Hour: $275
  • Additional Hours: $150 per hour. Multiple family members may be added in during this time at single location
  • Contact us for pricing for long films and full family documentaries
  • Foreign Language Interviews: Extra fees to be discussed if additional Foreign Language staff is required to conduct interview


Editing Options:

  • Basic Editing: $100 per hour of footage – clean up footage, add in basic titles.
  • Moderate Editing: $150 per hour of footage – edit footage to sharpen stories being told, take out unimportant details while leaving main story line intact.
  • Advanced Editing: $300 per hour of footage – include photos and relics as background footage. Photos and images to be supplied by client. Additional fees will be applied if CJ Studios supplies photos, images or any other background items
  • Foreign Language Editing: (Russian, Yiddish, Hebrew) – Costs to be determined based on foreign editors’ rates.